Dem Guts – A Swimsuit Illustrating The Anatomy Of Human Torso. Wanna Try?

Dem Guts – A Swimsuit Illustrating The Anatomy Of Human Torso. Wanna Try?

This awesome limited-design swimsuit perfectly illustrates what is under your bones and skin. It was created by Black Milk Clothing, and it comes with a statement that dares you to show your guts to the world. 

You can do that by uploading a picture of yourself wearing the swimsuit with the hashtag #bmdemgutsswim and assure the world that you really do have dem guts. How cool is that!

Saburō (サブロー) 上 信長協奏曲



Saburo (Shun Oguri) is a high school student good in sports, but not very good with his studies. One day, Saburo travels back in time and arrives in the Sengoku period of 1549. There, Saburo meets Nobunaga Oda who looks and sounds just like Saburo. Nobunaga Oda is the son of a warlord and magistrate of the lower Owari Province. Nobunaga Oda though is physically weak and he asks Saburo to take his place. Then, Saburo as Nobunaga Oda attempts to unify the country of Japan.